Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pure Evil

Oh he may look all sweet and innocent but this is the face of pure evil. He has been working on his top two teeth and so for the past month (yes month) has been waking up every two to three hours. I have been absolutely exhausted and because of it behind on everything. This weekend those two chompers broke through and I am happy to say he only woke up once last night.... and Collin let me sleep until 10:30. WHAT?!?! who sleeps until 10:30!! I guess me. So if I disappear from blog land again you will know why. Oh and yes he's asleep with his eyes slightly opened.

I have lots to blog about so hopefully I get caught up but here are some teasers...
Freezer jam
The BEST cupcakes I've ever made!!!
and a long sad story about me having to use formula.

Hopefully I'll see you soon



grandma blair said...

so sorry about his teeth, I seem to remember that Delilah had a hard time with hers too. But I am so glad you will be coming back to blog land, I have missed you.

Eve said...

What the hell, James? I hope you are done pulling that crap with teething. Either cut them fast or be better to your momma while you do it!

State of Grace said...

We've missed you on blogland! oh, and I feel ya...Grace has been working on those top two teeth too, and she wakes up ALL the time, just for me to hold her so she can go back to sleep. I'm glad the teeth finally broke thru! Wish us luck!

Andrea said...

Can I just say that it was a relief to hear you say getting up every three hours at night is tough? I'm not the only one. I'm sincerely sorry you have to and I hope he gets feeling better soon!

red said...

So sorry about the sleep. Glad they finally came through. he's going to bite the heck out of you now :) Give him kisses for me. And your kids are adorable...even when they're being evil.