Tuesday, January 17, 2012

30 Before 30: January

Here we go, my first month down and I've started on several of my goals. 
Here's the report. 

I'm down 7 pounds. Not an amazing start, but I met my goal, and I'll take it. I wanted to take this slow and steady as to not get burned out and quit. 

Bleh... I made a few things off pinterest this month but ... I'll wait until I do a successful one.

I am on my way to meeting this goal. 

I bought a pair of quality jeans and boots. Its a step!! 

This month I had a fun opportunity to read a book to Delilah's class. Reading and cutting shapes are the only volunteering her class is currently in need of, I signed up for both.
I read one of Delilah's favorite books "Grumpy Gloria" to her class. It's a cute story about a bull dog who is grumpy because his little girl owner got a new doll and Gloria is jealous. It was fun, granted most the kids didn't know what it meant to be grumpy and Delilah did keep giving away the story.

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red said...

You're amazing!!! Are you 29? We're getting old.