Monday, March 5, 2012


To those who check this blog normally sorry I've been absent, I've been in survival mode and it's taking me a while to get out of it. At the beginning of February both kids developed a ugly croup cough it sounded worse than it was. They never had a fever and it didn't seem to effect their mood, they just sounded terrible. After two weeks of coughing one day Delilah just stopped coughing the same day James got a fever and went downhill fast. We went to the doctor and long story short he was on a nebulizer at home for two weeks. Those  very sad, very sick, very exhausting two weeks just happened to be the same two weeks Collin had to go to China for work. CHINA!! We are still in survival mode due to having our routine so messed up, James cutting molars, Collin trying to shake his jet lag and my exhaustion, but I think we are almost out of this crazy funk. Its even suppose to get into the 50's this week. Here's to life and surviving ... and wish me luck because Collin is leaving again. 


Le said...

sorry you are in survival mode. I don't understand why the kids get the sickest when the hubby is out of town. Good luck, get a little sun, and stuff all the stuff that is laying around that you know you should do but just aren't quite up to it in a closet. It'll get done eventually. :)

Eve said...

You are tougher than I! I couldn't deal with business trips - I would go mean mommy for sure.

I hope it stays warm and you are all healthy this go-round!

State of Grace said...

Ugh...That is horrible! Grace had croup at about 8 months, and it was horrible. And just recently, she got some kinda crud and was on a nebulizer for a couple of weeks too! Not fun for baby OR Mom!

Hang in can DO IT!